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Employee Experience

Trust an experienced partner when it comes to the needs of your employees: for strong involvement, high connectedness and a deep commitment to your company. 

More than a partner
for employee surveys.

The future of employee experience

We design employee surveys based on your individual needs. From life cycle surveys to pulse checks. But our competencies go even further: we merge existing data sets to generate new insights on a variety of critical business topics. Employee Experience With the help of artificial intelligence, we analyze your data and help you create an optimal employee experience and enhance your existing employee relationships. We develop efficient and customized measures and support you - from start to finish. 

  • Measuring

    Strategic Employee Lifecycle Review

    People are and remain the focal point for a sustainable way of working: In order to be able to actively shape the working environment of your employees, we check up on strategic points in your Employee Life Cycle: Find out, how your employees are doing and what their experience is. We develop strategic concepts for your customised survey.

  • Data & Analytics

    Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

    We analyze existing and new data with artificial intelligence and can thus make complex structures visible in real time, identify fields of action and blind spots, depict relationships and help you with data-based decision-making. Our experts know exactly what is important and meet you at eye level.


  • Interventions

    Nachhaltige Maßnahmen & Change Management

    Based on the preceding analysis, we develop customized interventions for your fields of action. Benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge and practical experience of our experts and create a foundation for your company's success. We accompany you from start to finish.


    Treat your 
    Mitarbeitenden wie Ihre
    Employees like your best customers

    Increase your company's attractiveness

    The best advertisement for your company is when the topic of work comes up in conversation and employees only have good things to say about you. This develops your company's reputation and makes you attractive to potential and high-calibre employees.

    Attract and retain talent

    Professionals want to work for companies that are aware of and responsive to their individual experiences and needs. Today, a good workplace experience is indispensable for employees and ties them to your company in the long term.

    Increase employee involvement

    Employees who have a positive perception of their working environment are usually enthusiastic about their job: they are attentive, committed and willing to give their best. Accordingly, an appreciative work environment can increase the commitment and motivation of your employees.

    Inspire creativity

    The positivity that comes with a good workplace experience generates creativity, which brings benefits to employees and companies alike: the ability to think clearly and creatively empowers employees to restructure processes, develop innovative ideas and boldly break new ground. Generating growth through innovation for your company.


    Profit from our
    data-driven consulting method

    We take an evidence-based approach with artificial intelligence to analyse, understand and move your organisation.

    Transformation from start to finish

    Changing the employee experience requires good planning, a holistic view and comprehensive management. We accompany your transformation from start to finish and provide advice and support. We work at eye level - because no one knows your processes as well as you do.

    A data-driven path

    Your best bet, is a bet on a data-guided path. Our recommendations for action and measures are not based on feelings - but on quantitative and qualitative data. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can generate up-to-date, reliable and potent insights that guide your way into the future.

    State of the art methods and tools

    We know the right tools and methods to successfully implement your employee experience initiative. Our experienced experts know exactly which tool suits you best.

    Evaluate and review

    What is the point of introducing a measure if you don't know whether it was successful? We not only accompany you in strategic planning and sustainable implementation - we also like to evaluate the success of your projects.


    Connect employee and customer experience - and take the next step.

    You want to get to the next level?
    In the extended expansion stage, we combine CX and EX - 
    We have expertise in this area too!

    We start,
    where you are.

    We start where you are right now: Together we analyze your current status quo, define a target goal and develop a roadmap to get there. But we don't just consult - we also want to support you in the subsequent implementation and evaluation of the developed measures and strategic changes. 

    In our daily work, we use proven frameworks, best practices and workshops. Together with you, we lay the foundation to realise the full potential of your data through Data Science, machine Learning, and artificial intelligence. In this way, you create competitive advantages and sustainable added value for your company. Start with us into a data-driven future and take the next steps.


    Use the potential of your data and proactively shape your employee experience.


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