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Digitalization &
Process Management

Are you looking for comprehensive support - that goes beyond the limits of traditional consulting?
You want to analyse and optimize your processes?
Do you want to step into the future in a data-driven way?

Then you have come to the right place.

We unfold your potential.
With the help of AI.

Optimizing your processes

We offer you a new perspective on the processes of your company. Thanks to our many years of experience in process optimization and digitalization, our experts know exactly what matters.  We use artificial intelligence to quickly and efficiently extract insights from your data, which then serve as a basis for optimizing your processes. Thanks to our interdisciplinary teams, we can cover a wide range of topics: Human resources, IT security, organizational management ... and much more. We form the interface between artificial intelligence and strategic consulting. Together with you, we create valuable and sustainable change. 

Process Analysis

Together, we analyze your processes using our AI-supported feedback tools to identify blind spots and areas for action. Alternatively, we conduct a status quo process mapping to identify your challenges.

Process Management

With your company knowledge and our expertise, we jointly model and redesign your processes. We then assist you in the implementation of the developed measures and evaluate the success on the basis of predefined goals.

Process Evaluation

In a 100-day check, we examine how far the implemented interventions fit into your organizational culture and have been implemented according to plan. If necessary, we can readjust your processes after the evaluation.

Our offer:
Consultation and implementation -
From a single source

End-to-end development of customised solutions

From conception to modelling to implementation and evaluation of your process optimization: we are your partner. We support you in this process "from start to finish" - or exactly when and where you need us. In addition to many years of experience and interdisciplinary skills, we bring the necessary overall understanding for the successful implementation of your change. We know what is important and create valuable and sustainable change with you.

Establish comprehensive process optimization that leads to sustainable success.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have the answers.

What methods and tools do we use?

We used the most up-to-date methods and tools. Here are a few examples:

  • Lean Management
  • Six-Sigma
  • Kanban
  • Kaizen
  • Agile/ Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • UX-Design
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • AI analysis
Why artificial intelligence?

Our goal is to work with you to optimize your structures and processes along your value chain. To find the right way, we rely on your data. Our experts use artificial intelligence to derive the greatest possible benefit from this data. In this way, sustainable and precise insights can be generated, which can be used to develop individual and tailor-made measures. Benefit from our experience from working with a wide range of companies.

What can a process optimization look like?

We adapt to your individual needs! However, here is one way in which process optimization can look like:

1. Definition of objectives and relevant KPIs

At the beginning, we work out your goals and determine which KPIs we will use to measure them.

2. Process analysis and data collection

In the second step, we survey your status quo, e.g. with the help of our feedback tools, in order to identify action and problem areas based on AI. Alternatively, we carry out a status quo process mapping to identify your challenges.

3. Process modelling

With your business knowledge and our expertise, we optimize and re-model your processes in this process step.

4. Process optimization and data collection

In the penultimate step of the process, the actual implementation of the measures takes place by the previously determined responsible persons. In addition, we measure the KPIs defined at the beginning in order to make sustainable changes quantitatively and qualitatively visible.

5. Evaluation

In a 100-day check, we examine to what extent the jointly developed interventions fit into your organizational culture and whether all measures have been implemented according to plan. If necessary, your processes can be readjusted after the evaluation.

In which format do we offer workshops?

Just the way you like it best! We are happy to come to you, but can also arrange workshops in off-shore locations such as our pegaLab or remotely. 

What Sets Us Apart

Unique skills.
For your success.


Our consultants have a wide range of expertise in different sectors and company sizes - from start-ups to large corporations. We know what counts and how to realise the maximum potential together.


We live and breathe innovation. Being innovative means thinking differently about problems and doing things differently with courage. That's why we avoid the beaten track. We look for own innovative paths to reach your goals.


Our team has one goal in mind: the optimization of your processes and the digitalization of your company. Implementing innovative solutions that generate sustainable added value and strengthen your competitiveness. That's our motivation!


We don't just "consult and run" - we accompany you from conception through implementation to evaluation, if you wish also "hands on". With our interdisciplinary experts, we can support and cover your entire value chain. 

We are ready.
Are you?

Do you have processes that need to be optimized? Digitalization that needs to be driven forward? Then get in touch with us! 


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