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Grip Week

Are you looking for innovative solutions that go beyond the limits of classic consulting? Do you need ad-hoc problem solutions and want to experience change?

Then you have come to the right place.

What Sets Us Apart

Innovative, interdisciplinary 
and individual.

Moving into the future together.

Companies today are faced with major challenges: Mastering and uniting multiple trends, technologies and customer orientations. Fast, stringent action in line with customer needs and demands is required, and innovative solutions are called for.
In just 5 days, we work together to develop the right products, services and processes for your company based on concrete customer and market requirements.


From your challenge to a sustainable result - in just 5 days.

5 days without interruptions

We live and breath innovation. That's why we avoid well-trodden paths. In 5 days offside from day-to-day business, without interruptions and distractions, spent in an inspiring, offset location, we jointly develop sustainable solutions based on concrete requirements.

Agile at all levels

Innovative solutions require a new mindset: We teach your team agile methods and a new way of thinking. Experience agile flow first hand and benefit from the input of our experts who know exactly what is needed to unleash this potential.

Adapted to your challenges

We start where you are. Together, we develop the right products, services and processes for your company based on your specific customer and market requirements. With your willingness to step out of your comfort zone, we discover innovative, new ways.


We believe in linking different areas of knowledge. During Grip Week you can benefit from the cooperation with our network of experts and our own interdisciplinary teams. Together we will lay the foundations for the full use of your potential.


Don't trust us.
Trust our customers and partners.


– Terminal 2 Group

"After the week with you in the lab, I told my troop about it and everyone was very enthusiastic! I still think about it often, because it was a great time, even if it was short!

In the meantime, we have taken the right direction and finally decided on a project. Thank you!"

Project Manager

– Lufthansa Technik AG

„Great having a real use case and no simulation!
Drive and team spirit of entire team was amazing from the very beginning until the end.
A real startup mentality with a real human touch!
Insights in new way of collaboration and real hands-on experience of agile working based on real world problems and challenges which I will be able to take with me into the future.
Real value relies on the transfer of knowledge.

PS: Nice spending the week together and having evening activities together!“

Key Account Manager

– Lufthansa Group

„Everyone associates stepping out of a comfort zone with sort of uneasiness. In reality it can be both comfortable and at the same time extremely challenging and productive. The best part of this “flow” is that you do not fully realize it and simultaneously you learn at a speed of light. Those are the moments that change our point of view and mindset – not only what we hear or read but what we experience and feel great about it.

But most importantly it worked and we prototyped products which we will soon present to stakeholders!
Thanks for inspiration!“

Grip Week. We are ready. Are you?


Saarstraße 138
65201 Wiesbaden

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