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Good consulting needs a strong team - and a strong team is created through shared values. Our principles ensure our high level of performance. Our common mindset is the basis of our interdisciplinary cooperation.

Our basis is our common culture



We pass the ball to each other - not only during after-work basketball. We can rely on each other, for example when it comes to meeting tight deadlines together with our clients. Hierarchical and competitive thinking would be out of place here. We are team players, not solo artists. Trust is one of our USPs.

We are reliable and disciplined. We are punctual and deliver on time. We never forget that the goal is the goal. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers.

Goal oriented.

#the goal is the goal


#inspire others

Our knowledge and our interdisciplinarity are our greatest assets. We look at problems from different angles and infect others with our enthusiasm.

We live innovation. Being innovative means thinking differently about problems and consequently doing things differently. That is why we avoid well-trodden paths. We look for our own paths to the goal.


#do things differently


#try making

We are doers. We love to tackle projects in an agile way. We like to support the entire process and also experience the implementation of our ideas. We love it when a plan works!

We seek the challenge and courageously develop new solutions. We challenge the status quo and ask "why not? We are creative border crossers.


#why not

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